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PostSubject: PAYPAL POKER ROOMS   Thu 20 Mar - 17:52

Welcome to PayPalPoker, your reliable source for information and detailed reviews of Online Poker rooms who offer PayPal Poker deposits. We've done all of the rigorous research so that you don't have to, presenting users with online poker bonuses, online poker bonus codes, online poker games and online poker reviews for the highest quality PayPal Poker sites to be found on the Internet today.

PayPal Poker sites are online poker rooms that accept PayPal as a valid method of deposit and withdraw. Established in 1999, PayPal is one of the oldest, most popular, secure and certainly most trusted payment processors on the Internet today. The secure bank account and credit card verification techniques employed by PayPal ensure absolute protection and zero tolerance for fraudulent activity. Check out the online poker reviews below to discover the absolute best online poker rooms who provide PayPal Poker.

Please Note:
These are the only two sites in the world that accept paypal to deposit for online poker

Betfair PayPal Poker

If you are looking for some good clean online poker, than Betfair is where you need to be! Whether you are a first time player, or looking for some fishies to lure in and take their chips you will fit right in comfortably at Betfair! You will have no problems navigating yourself throughout Betfair's site with everything be crisp, fresh and easy to explore.
Betfair Poker uses a unique software created by one of the top names in today's online gambling software, Microgaming. You will find many unique features at Betfair's online poker room such as their 'News & Views' section as well as their famous 'Threedom Pass'. The deal with the 'Threedom Pass' is that if you win a seat in a multi-table satellite tournament that feeds to an offline tournament and you make it to the final table of the offline tournament, Betfair Poker will pay your entry into that tournament or another of the same equivalency for three years. If you are like me and try to keep myself busy while playing online poker to avoid playing hands just because I am bored, in fact I generally play at least 3 tables at a time. At Betfair, you will have the ability to play up to 15 tables at once!

Although Betfair is an independent online poker room, you are sure to find both sharks and fish around the clock here. You can view the stats from the lobby screen to find a table just right for you. You will find the usual poker games available at Betfair including; Texas Holdem (No limit, Pot limit and limit), Omaha (Limit, Pot limit and Hi-Lo) and 7 Card Stud (Hi and Hi-Lo, both Limit). Of course the most traffic is at the lower stakes Texas Holdem tables, however the overall site traffic is not too shabby.

Betfair Offers A 100% Up To $600 Bonus.

Ladbrokes Online Poker
One of the most popular online poker rooms on the Microgaming Network, Ladbrokes Poker offers a good game variety with lots of high-stakes action to be found. The user-friendly software runs smooth with sleek graphics and well above average playability.

Available in downloadable version or instant play Flash, players enjoy the highly functional interface with all the vital lobby statistics, like viewed-flop percentage, as well as during-play options like player notes, win percentage and graphical hand replay.

Multi-table players will love the excellent mini-view feature. Ladbrokes Poker offers a great tournament schedule with high monthly prize pools and freerolls. Security and customer support are top of the line.

The online poker room does not accept US players, however, they are a member of the PayPal Poker community, accepting PayPal as a valid deposit/withdraw method.

The Common Error of Playing Starting Hands (Quick Tips Article)
The starting hand in poker is an important part of the game; whats more important though is understanding when and when not to play that hand. The best approach to the starting hand is to have patience in waiting for a truly great hand of cards. Many players lose time and money because they refuse to be patient and play only the best starting hands. Once you are involved in a game of poker it is important to always remember to play only those hands you consider to be exceptional. This is an important strategy because you can create quite the monetary gain just by playing fewer hands than your opponents. When you are playing your starting hands only 15% of the time and your opponents are playing their starting hands 30% of the time you are increasing your odds just by spending less time in play. This in turn should mean that you are putting less money on the table and winning larger pots when you do play. When you only play the most premium hands you will earn larger payouts and spend less time on unsuccessful hands.

One of the things that make poker so exciting is that each game is always different; this also means that there are no rules as to how many starting hands you should play because the game is always different. The simple matter of fact is to be patient and play only the hands you consider to be excellent.

Another key element in hand strategy is to determine whether your table is loose or tight. If you are at a tight table you will want to exercise a good amount of patience and play only your best hands. If you are sitting at a loose table you will have better odds at playing cards that may not be exceptional. You can also take more chances with a less than great hand if you are seated late in play at your table. If you are seated early be sure again to stick to playing only the best hands as the odds are against you. When you notice players limping in before you, this is a good time to take advantage of an average hand as the odds are in your favor that his or her cards may not be exceptional. However, if a player jumps hard at a raised pot you should only play if you are sure you hold premium cards being as this is a good sign that your opponent is holding an awesome hand as well. Always remember to be cautious when playing a raised pot; chances are unless you have a very good hand someone has you beat.
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