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 PayPal Autoresponder and Follow Up Integration

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PostSubject: PayPal Autoresponder and Follow Up Integration   Thu 20 Mar - 17:49

This is the first of a series of integration articles that we will be publishing to the blog under the Articles and Tips category - stay tuned for more!]

Following up with customers after they purchase is a critical part of the sales process. This communication helps foster trust and loyalty from people who have already purchased from you.

The Paypal email parser has been developed to provide AWeber users with an automated way to add customers to their AWeber account after they purchase.

This can be used to:
Send post purchase email to customers
Send out purchased information products automatically
Up-sell your customers using email
Send customer newsletters, etc
Step by step instructions for integrating AWeber with Paypal
The instructions below will walk you through setting up your PayPal account to add subscribers to your AWeber account as they purchase from you.

Download a PDF of this article or follow the steps below.

A. Add Your AWeber Autoresponder Email Address To Your PayPal Account
When you add an email address to your PayPal account, they require that you confirm it’s a real address where you can receive messages.

Login to your Paypal account:
Click on Profile

Under Account Information click on Email

Click on the Add button
Insert your AWeber email address and click Save

Login to your AWeber account
Click on the Leads tab at the top of the page

Click on Display in the middle of the page to display current subscribers. They will appear at the bottom of the page

Find the email address:

Click on the email address. This will take you to the detailed entry for that address.
Next to the “Verification Email” title, click the link that reads “Click to See”

In this email find the confirmation link sent by Paypal

Copy this link and paste it into Notepad or another plain text editing program. The link needs to be corrected before you go to it to confirm your address.
Make the following changes to the link:
The link runs onto two lines. Remove the break so that it is all on one line
After the first two = signs the next two characters are 3D. Remove them from the link
The end of the link should be your autoresponder address (in this case, Replace any characters that don’t belong with the appropriate ones so that your autoresponder address is shown (including the @ and . symbols) at the end of the link. So in this case, instead of

the correct link is:

Now, paste the link into your browser
Enter your Paypal password on this page and click Confirm

You have now added your autoresponder address to your PayPal account.

B. Turn on the PayPal Email Parser
Login to your AWeber account, click on List Settings then Email Parser

Look for the rule titled Payment Processor: Paypal Orders, click the check box under the “Active?” column and click Activate/Deactivate

C. Create PayPal “Buy Now” Button
Now, create a “Buy Now” button in your PayPal account, and tell it to send the payment notification email to your autoresponder.

In your PayPal account, click “Merchant Services”

Scroll to the end of the page and click “Buy Now Buttons”

Click the “Get Started!” link on the left side of the page.
Fill out your product information and scroll to the end of the page.
At the end of the page, click the “Add More Options” button

On the next page, scroll to the section titled “Choose an email address to receive payment (optional)”
Select your autoresponder email address from the dropdown menu and click “Create Button Now”

Now, copy the HTML for your Buy Now button, edit your website and place the button onto the appropriate page/s
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PayPal Autoresponder and Follow Up Integration
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