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 Sell Products That Have Been Proven To Sell Using ClickBank And Amazon

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PostSubject: Sell Products That Have Been Proven To Sell Using ClickBank And Amazon   Thu 20 Mar - 17:38

This is one of the most creative strategies you can apply it to make money with no list and also almost completely eliminate all competitors. The goal is to find products that are already selling and then offering premium versions of the same products. This usually means offering the same product in audio or in video format. People learn in different formats, and a larger percentage of your customers will prefer listening or watching than reading to consume the materials. Over 38% of your target market prefer learning via audio over reading. A similar percentage prefer video over reading as well [as the popularity of sites like YouTube increase, this will even be even more so]. How do you take advantage of this? Simple. A key benefit that works in your favor is that people are willing to pay premium pricing for the same info when it's delivered via audio or better yet via video. For example, the audio version of a best selling book will sell for 4-10 times the original price of the book. Here's how this strategy works: visit ClickBank and identify the top 10 selling products in ClickBank in a category you're interested in, but may not be an expert in. Then, write down the contact info of each product creator: get the phone number, if there's one available. [NOTE: ClickBank is a marketplace of digital products in hundreds of categories]. The angle is this: you can offer a % of the premium product for each sale that is made, and that is still more what the product owner would make when he sells a single copy of his current downloadable product (most products on ClickBank sell for $97 or less). As an example, let's assume that you identify a best selling eBook on stock trading. Contact the product owner and tell him you would like to sell a premium version of his book because a percentage of his existing customers [use 38% as the figure] prefer learning via audio. By preselling the premium product to the list owner, you will get prepaid and you can use those funds to create the premium product. In most cases, you can do the majority of the work yourself using low-cost tools readily available on the Internet. When presented properly, most product owners are open to this because it allows them to create money without having to do extra work. Plus, they can now show their customers that they care because they are offering them a premium version of a product that has been proven to sell. In addition, this strategy takes advantage of all the affiliates that the list owner already has in place and save you the hassle of creating your own affiliate program. Your conversion rate will be much higher because you are being endorsed by the list owner and in most cases, there's a pent up demand for higher-end products that the list owner has not fulfilled on. Most list owners seriously underestimate their customers' ability to consume products and stop selling too early. You don't have to limit yourself to ClickBank: you can repeat this same strategy with the Amazon Best Seller list or any other best seller list for that matter. The key is that you're borrowing somebody else's credibility to instantly launch a product to a market that's already proven to buy.
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Sell Products That Have Been Proven To Sell Using ClickBank And Amazon
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